The story of our love towards sweets

Everyone has their own favourite candy. Regardless if it is associated with childhood, the first love, friendship, the joys of summer or something else equally as special, we fall in love with it!

Our museum staff also each has their own favourite candy or Laima confectionery from our wide assortment.

Meet each of us and learn the stories about our favourite sweets. 

"Laima" Chocolate museum manager

Liena Skadiņa

Phone: +371 26781535

Dark chocolate with coffee crisps

Dark chocolate with coffee crisps is combination of classic flavours that gives energy. I love the rich taste of chocolate and I adore aromatic coffee, that is why this is my daily combination that inspires me to do, to create and to go on great adventures.

Project manager

Elita Apīne

Phone.: +371 22319420

RĪTS (Morning)

For balance in my life i need both thoughtful moves and spontaneous ideas, that's why for me as a night bird the favourite candy is Morning (RĪTS) . Each morning brings a new day for enyojing life and love. 

Customer service specialist



My favourite "Laima" sweet is candy "Selga"! Biscuits Selga tells us about childhood, but delicious Laima chocolate - decades of love! Biscuits in delicate milk chocolate. The classic taste and value compatibility has always been appreciated - such is candy "Selga". Love and chocolate are energy for whole life, and this combination will give you a moment of joy even in grey and gloomy day !

Customer service specialist



Conservative and classic from the outside, having nature and family as the basic values. Crunchy core and mild character. You can never know what the firm shell holds within so only those who have a bite can enjoy the magic of this taste. 

Senior administrator

Gunita Balcere

Phone. +371 27868067


RUDZUPUĶE (Cornflower)

Summer at the countryside... Rye fields, approaching thunderstorm... I am gathering cornflowers... They look wonderful in the waving field!

Every time I take „Cornflower” in my hands, I feel the scent of summer, thunderstorm and rye field!

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VĒTRASPUTNS (Storm Petrel)

Do you believe in magic? I do. Storm petrel is a brave bird who can walk on water like St.Peter. The Petrel flies above the oceans touching waves with his wings! So Vētrasputns mild milk praline truly proofs that magic exists. 

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It's an early, and a bit hazy august morning - the sun is trying to get through the thick apple trees branches, the dark blackberry and the red currant bushes. The end of the summer - the most bustling time of the year. It's the time when so much work has to be done. It's my favourite time of the year. And this is the time, I associate with the marmalade "Diana" - the freshness of apples and berries coated with sweet milk chocolate.

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VĀVERĪTE (Little Squirell)

I can compare myself to the Laima’s long-term jewel — candy Vāverīte (Little Squirrel). Firstly, because I am active, inquisitive and swift — this is what squirrels are like! The will to be and manage everywhere and always. Secondly, the wrapping paper of the candy Vāverīte has the green colour of hazelnut leaves — the colour that symbolises person’s development, youth and growth. I am constantly willing to learn something new. Green colour is always looking for cooperation and points of contact. The main thing is that green colour inspires! Just as the tasty Vāverīte eaten with creamy coffee! Finally, my close ones call me a crazy person with a sweet tooth. Spot on! 

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An airy zephyr with a crunchy chocolate coating - two natures, that perfectly fit together. I associate Maigums with a moment of relaxation. When the routine of every day and worries tire me, the lightness of Maigums lifts me to carry on. 

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I love bright colors and deep red is my favorite. It is a color in which one can look infinitely and keep trying to find ideal tone. Challenging, bright and fiery, but despite its brightness, we can find harmony and endless peace within it.

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- What day is it?

- It's today!

- Oh! That's my favorite day! ©Winnie the Pooh

Sweets Winnie were a childhood favourite of mine. And also as Pooh Bear I wanna to remind You about the greatest things in the world - good food (chocolate) and friendship. 

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I am all about variety - the sweet and the bitter, the classic and the creatively extravagant. I like when it’s funny and interesting, touching and thrilling, unbelievable and surprising. Every day something new.