The Laima Chocolate Museum opens

The Laima Chocolate Museum will open its doors to guests on May 21.

To maintain a safe environment for employees and guests, the museum will resume work in accordance with the requirements of the sanitary protocol specified in the order of the Minister of Culture.

Prior registration is not required to enjoy the chocolate adventure individually or with an audio guide. A museum visit with the help of an accompanying guide is possible by prior appointment.

Right now the creative workshop is only offered for residents of one household; the group must make a reservation in advance.

Premises will be offered for rent in accordance with the sanitary protocol of cultural venues. The museum's banquet hall "Chocolate" can accommodate 12 people at a time, with people keeping a distance of 2 m from each other. The duration of the event may not exceed three hours, including the arrival and departure of the participants.

! We urge guests to assess their health and not to visit the museum if they have symptoms of an infectious disease.

Compliance with precautionary measures in the museum:

1.  No more than 25 guests may be on the museum premises at the same time, the flow of visitors will be controlled.

2.  Please maintain a distance of two meters from each other in the museum premises.

3.  Hand sanitizers are available for guests and staff.

4.  For payments, we urge you to use payment cards and contactless payment methods with bank cards. Cash transactions are not terminated, but please choose to pay by card.

5.  To reduce the risk of infection, the museum premises will be cleaned more intensively during the day. Door handles and other surfaces, especially touch-sensitive devices, will be disinfected at least once an hour.

6.  Audio guides are disinfected after each use.

The museum ensures that guests and employees with signs of infectious respiratory diseases and persons in self-isolation or quarantine are not on the museum premises.

Changes in open hours

Because of the coronavirus outbreak in the world Laima Chocolate Museum will be closed from March 16 until the end of the state of emergency declared in the country. We will inform you about the exact date on which the museum will resume work separately.

The reopening date of the museum will be announced here at We encourage you to keep up to date.

For more information on making reservations and other questions, call 27868067. Thank you for your understanding. We wish everyone a peaceful and sweet time together!

New! Audio guide

Now you can enjoy the excursion in your native language with our audio guide. The audio guide gives you the opportunity to freely roam the museum and get to know the museum’s exhibits better in Latvian, English, Russian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Finnish and German.

A sweet gift to every guest

We know the delicious feeling that lingers inside hours, even days after the chocolate adventure. To make this sweet feeling last, from now on, our every guest will receive a sweet gift - 15 per cent discount in "Laima" sweet store which is located next to the museum - you can get there without even leaving the museum premises! 

The working hours on the January 31

Please be aware that on the January 31, 2017, the "Laima" Chocolate Museum will be closed between 3:30 PM and 5:30 PM. 

After 5:30 PM the Museum will be open to visitors again. We apologize for any inconveniece caused. 

Sugar wedding anniversary

Love and chocolate throughout the years!

The tradition of giving a specific gift on a specific wedding anniversary eliminates the guesswork involved in thinking of an anniversary gift.

When browsing the list of gift ideas for specific wedding anniversaries, we uncovered something interesting- the sixth wedding anniversary is the “sugar” anniversary.

By the sugar anniversary, a couple has reached a mutual understanding, the marriage has solidified and cohabitation has become sweeter.

The most appropriate gift for a sugar anniversary is chocolate. Thus we invite you to commemorate your sugar anniversary at the “Laima” chocolate Museum and by creating your own chocolate candies.

Choose Laima- choose Love!

Chocolate Laima – adventures for wedding guests!

If you would like to make your special occasions brighter and are planning an event, “Laima” can offer you an unforgettable experience…

For more details, see: Chocolate Laima – adventures for wedding guests!

An unforgettable adventure at the chocolate museum

If you would like to make your summer days brighter and are planning a special event in the near future, then we have just the unforgettable adventure for you…

A visit to the “Laima” Chocolate Museum along with creating your own chocolate candies at the creative workshop followed by a thrilling ride on Erenpriss bicycles (to complete a mission).

A minute glimpse into “Vāverīšu ballīte” (our version of “Girls’ night out”) developed by Lelde.

Start planning your special event by writing to or calling (+371) 66154777.