Interactive Chocolate Museum Laima has been created Jan. 3, 2014

We have finished renovation of the historical building of Laima, established Chocolate Museum Laima, also the historical confectionery shop Laima is open for customers in Miera Street. Accomplishment of works took several years, as a result new cultural history object has been created in Latvia for the inhabitants and guests of our country; this object allows you to get to know the nature of the pride of Latvia – legend of chocolate Laima – in an interactive form, at the same time acknowledging its future. The total amount of investments reaches 1 million lats. Starting from January, 2014, museum will be open for public. 


Area of the Chocolate Museum Laima is 520 square meters; museum is situated in two floors. Norvel Hermanovski who is an American artist with Latvian roots came up with the concept of the museum. Grand farther of the artist Theodore Hermanovski was the first Latvian Minister of Traffic and Labour; also he was a prominent building engineer. Several other Latvian artists were involved in the development process of the museum creating an interactive story for the chocolate legend Laima, story that is captivating both for the devotees of history, young people who appreciate contemporary technologies, as well as gourmets. Upon receiving the entry pass, each visitor gets a special code and after registering this code, visitor can create a personal profile in the website of the museum where he/she can view all photos and videos taken in the museum. During the visit to the museum you will be able to discover how chocolate is made in Laima from cocoa beans, as well as each visitor will be able to create his/her own chocolate bar. In the museum you can not only take a picture by the Clock of Laima but also view this photo on the clock, print it out and keep as a memory. The ones inspired by love will be able to send virtual greetings to near and far friends and, of course, take part in the Laima Laboratory of Taste. The oldest exhibit will turn 120 years in the next year; 100 kilos of cocoa beans were used in the equipping of the exhibition.

We have thought about families with children, especially large families, and developed offers providing discounts to parents with children who want to visit our museum. The museum is also suitable for people with disabilities. An elevator will make the visit especially convenient. You can find all information about museum and its working hours in the website, by phone 66154777 or sending e-mail to  Till January, 2014, museum will work in the test regime and visitation routes will be perfected till the tiniest details. From January museum will be open for general public.

On 18 December children from the Kārsava Secondary School grade 6a became the first visitors to get to know the exhibition of the museum. In this way Laima would like to thank all children because each pupil participated in the campaign organised by LaimaA Letter from the Guardian Angel” and wrote the most beautiful wishes of love to the inhabitants of Latvia.

Chocolate Museum was established in the historical building – corner of the Miera and Palīdzības Street. The building itself, that is considered to be the industrial heritage, was constructed in 1939 by Stanislav Aloizs Borbal. Development of the museum and renovation of the building was organised with the support of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). In total renovation of the building and equipping of the museum cost almost million lats and ERDF funded more than 200 000 lats.

About JSC Laima:

Laima is the most famous confectionery brand name in the Baltic, representing the history of Latvian sweets industry throughout several centuries. Recently, Laima celebrated its 140th anniversary. Laima successfully combines historical heritage with innovations. The recipes of ancient chocolatiers also give satisfaction to modern customers - Laima is acknowledged as the highest quality brand of Latvia. Nowadays Laima is the largest manufacturer of sweets in the Baltic with export to more than 25 countries.

Laima is among the few chocolate manufacturers in Europe where full production process – from cocoa beans to chocolate, is ensured. Carefully maintained old skills and recipes are supplemented by contemporary production methods. Laima chocolate is made only from high-quality Forastero cocoa beans from Ghana, Africa. Cocoa beans are specially roasted, ground and tempered to get the unique taste of Laima chocolate.