Gift card

To delight your family, friends or colleagues with a wonderful gift, give the gift of a sweet adventure - a “Laima” Chocolate Museum gift card. For six months after purchase, the receiver may visit the museum and discover how the cocoa bean is transformed into Laima chocolates and take on the role of a chocolatier and prepare their own unique chocolate candies. Cards may be purchased I denominations of 10 euros starting from 10 EUR.

Additional information is available by phone - 66154777.

Paper dolls

Actively playing with paper dolls helps a child develop his or her creative and artistic abilities and encourages healthy movement in the child's fingers. Playing with these paper dolls also brings the family together by doing fun activities and creating its own doll collections.

The doll set includes a doll, doll clothing with designs from Laima candies, and customizable clothes for the doll which can be cut out and coloured in -- this way, the children can create their own unique toy.

We wish you a sweet time crafting!

Soap with chocolate fragrance

When your hands become sweet and sticky after treating yourself with chocolate, wash them… with chocolate soap!

"Laima" Clock Magnet

Over the course of centuries, the legendary Laima Clock has gathered smiling, excited and loving people. Decorate your kitchen with a new accessory and enjoy heartfelt conversations with your own Laima Clock.

Pencil and stickers

A bright pencil that will help you put your extraordinary ideas on the paper – and the pencil itself is an extraordinary one!

When the picture is close to perfect, add one or more of the unique, hand-drawn stickers – cookies, candies, chocolate… Sweet!


These postcards, painted by Latvian artist Ieva Ekmane, will serve as a warm gesture and a sweet reminder that life needs to be lived beautifully.

Historical magnets

The magnets depicting advertising posters from the 20s and 30s preserve a part of Latvian chocolate history. An excellent gift for both historians and people with a sweet tooth that will serve as a reminder of timeless values.

Fridge magnets

A lovely accessory for a stylish kitchen – jokes and truths about chocolate, historical candy package designs and sweets…

The cookies and chocolate pieces look so realistic that you have to make sure they always stay on your fridge because if you leave them unattended, soon you can find some traces of small teeth!

Phone cases

Take your favorite sweets with you wherever you go  - give your phone a new, truly sweet outfit or give it to someone as a gift!

Silicone bracelets

Friendship bracelets are a wonderful way to share the joy and remember special moments.

A bracelet will serve as a daily reminder to choose Love. Bracelets are available in two sizes.

Keychain – chocolate piece

Take a piece of chocolate with you wherever you go!


Choose this practical and interesting souvenir to decorate your keys or school bag. May the chocolate always be with you!

"Selga" biuscuit key chain

The well-known Latvian childhood taste can now be carried in your pocket or hanged to your bag. The golden "Selga" biscuit key chain will be the perfect accessory for your everyday life.


Individually designed earrings displaying the various Laima candy wrapper designs.

The briskness of “Vēsma,” the elegance of “Serenāde,” the harmony of the colours of “Trifele,” the polka dotted whimsy of “Mon Ami…” and many, many more! Choose your own!

Chocolate style mug

Large, chocolate brown and so tempting...

Chocolate style cups with special engravings designed for slowly enjoying your morning tea or coffee. You can purchase your chocolate style cup only in "Laimas" chocolate museum.

USB Flash drive

These three little pieces of chocolate will store all your most important information. 8GB flash drives in the shape of “Laima” chocolate are so realistic, you will have to be on guard that it does not get eaten!

Drako puzzle

Find and connect the right pieces to reveal Drako’s fruit orchard!
A bright and colourful A4-format Drako jigsaw puzzle.

Memory game

An entertainment and a memory exercise for the whole family - the new "Laima" memory game with delicious images. 

Little cute „Laima” dolls

Special, beautiful and playful. These dolls are made to present the well know “Laima” chocolate candies. These super cute dolls are created by artist Ieva Dāboliņa.

Women’s T-shirt with a print

Sure, we are all strong-willed enough to give up chocolate, butis that necessary? This witty T-shirt will help you share this idea wherever you go. 

Children’s T-shirt with a print

This teddy bear will make a sweet and lovely companion for your sweetie.

Mom & kid gift set “Serenade”

Delight your loved ones! A sweet gift set for mom and kid – matching t-shirts and teddy-bear tea cups with an illustration of an artist Ieva Ekmane.

As the sizes of t-shirts vary, please, pre-order 2 days before receiving: 66154777.

Mug "Serenāde"

A lovely mug for even cozier and warmer evenings.

Chocolate-scented cosmetics

From time to time, the really dedicated gourmands probably even dream of turning into chocolate themselves. You would have look for this kind of magic on your own, while we offer wonderful bath cosmetics with a tempting chocolate aroma. 

Serenāde belt bag

The legend says that the recipe for the Serenāde chocolate was invented as a sweet confession of love and it still continues delighting every sweet-tooth today. Now Serenāde also adorns a comfortable belt bag to carry everything for your sweet adventures, and, of course, some sweets for inspiration and energy!

Šokolāde belt bag

A true gourmand always keeps chocolate with them: not a piece, not a bar, but a whole bagful!

Trifeles belt bag

This colourful belt bag is as brave and confident choice as an exquisite truffle in bitter cocoa glazing: it will not leave anyone indifferent!

Zefīrs belt bag

The airy treat on the print of the bag will make everything in the bag become light as a feather. For beautiful, comfortable, and easy daily activities. 

Temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos are one of the most popular accessories during the festival season. Everybody will find an ornament that suits them the most: tasty quotes about chocolate, elements from the packaging for Laima sweets, and even the iconic Laima Clock. 

Gift set “Chocolate SPA”

At the time of year when we crave chocolate more than ever, give somebody an opportunity to wrap up in chocolate fragrance from head to toes! A great gift for especially sweet ladies. 

Cloth bag

Cloth bag is the first step towards making your daily life more environmentally friendly. They are convenient, practical and modern. This will be a great accessory for chocolate lovers to use in their daily life.

Chocolate trinkets — pendant

Unique trinkets that will impress everyone. It is a special line of chocolate trinkets made by the artist Ingūna Linde. The available trinkets include — chocolate pendants, rings and earrings.