Hen party

If you’re looking for a sweet stop on your friend’s bachelorette party itinerary, the Laima Chocolate Museum is the place to go!

You will be in for a sweet adventure with a guided excursion at the Laima Chocolate Museum and creative activities at the chocolate workshop.

At the museum, you will:

  •   learn the secrets of chocolate making
  •   enjoy hot chocolate and discover the story behind Laima
  •   meet up by the Laima Clock
  •   film a special video and immortalise your moments together in lovely photographs

At the creative workshop, you will:

• make assorted chocolates (that you will be able to take with you)

• paint on waffle sheets with three types of chocolate and twelve different ingredients

We offer 1h and 2h programmes at the museum and/or the creative workshop.

We also offer individually tailored programme scenarios.

Book your special day and time by contacting our Senior Administrator Gunita Balcere:

E-mail: gunita.balcere@orkla.lv 

Phone: +371 27868067 (please, call TUE-FRI during the museum working hours)

See you in the world of sweets!