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Learn the secrets of chocolate and the story of Laima in the ups and downs of Latvian history and feel chocolate with all your senses! How?

Go on a exploratory journey and find out how the ancient Aztecs used cocoa beans, how cocoa trees are grown today and how cocoa turns into chocolate. Trace the cocoa bean's path from the cocoa tree to the store shelf and find out how the sweets industry started in Latvia. Get acquainted with the historical packaging and see which one of them has changed the least over time. See the unique chocolate sculptures, get the feeling from the first date at Laima's clock and immortalize your sweet adventure with fun photos and videos! 

For a thorough experience of the chocolate, we recommend planning about an hour for the excursion.

The museum's exposition can either be viewed individually or you can join one of the guided group tours. No prior reservation is required for an individual tour.

For groups of over 10 people, please make a reservation by phone +371 66154777 or by writing to

Entrance ticket prices can be viewed here.